Workplace seminars to get the most out of your health

Seminar leader; Clarice Hebblethwaite, BSc Hons Dietitian Nutritionist, founder of Dietary Specialists.

 1 hour seminars including written and practical tips

  •  Boost your energy, think smart and have greater focus and concentration
    • Know which foods and nutrients give you the longest lasting energy, get you more ‘mileage out of your tank of fuel’. Learn the foods and lifestyle tips to have an even mood and boost your vitality.
  •  Busting those food myths and telling the truth
    • Learn how many meals to eat each day, how much fat to eat and which type of fat is healthy, carbs or no carbs, the truth on whether to go gluten free plus more!
  • Beyond the Cohen and Dukan diets and other current diet trends
    • How do we know if a diet is effective or safe? Learn everything you need to know about popular diets trends- the good, bad and ugly!
  • Healthy eating when out
    • Short of time to prepare meals? Eating out for most of your meals or doing a lot of travelling? Here are keys to staying on a healthy diet with lots of tips.
  • Supermarket  strategies
    • Learn tips to navigate the grocery store, for the most nutritious options. Meal planning and reading foods labels, knowing which ingredients to avoid.
  • Keys to having great digestive health
    • Get the best keys on how to have optimal digestion. Reduce or prevent bloating and troublesome wind, bowel cramps and learn how to achieve great bowel health. In a country with the highest rate of bowel cancer, valuable tips to reducing your risk.

Other topics and subjects can be arranged to suit your audience and needs. Do contact us to discuss fees for seminars.

6 week series of 1.5 hour workshops for groups of 8 (minimum) up to16 people.

  • Nutrition with Intuition- for living your life
    • Learn how to manage weight loss and maintain it effectively and without relying on will power.
    • This is a series with a very practical focus and each week there are key changes in diet/ lifestyle to practice. All very easy and don’t require extra time.
    • Empowering you to learn about which foods nourish you the best and achieve weight loss whilst reducing cravings and feelings of starvation.
    • Learn about how to feel in control of what you choose to eat, rather than the food controlling you.
    • Learning tools and workbooks provided

Cost $390.00 per person paid in full on registration for the complete 6 week series.

Interested in finding out more about the Seminars or Workshops?

Contact us for our seminar timetable and fees. We are happy to create a time and seminar especially to suit your needs.