Specialised diet advice

Established by Clarice Hebblethwaite in 2007, Dietary Specialists are a team of dietitians providing you with specialised dietary advice on Digestive Health including irritable bowel syndrome, bloating, managing the Low FODMAP diet, Women’s Health including PCOS,  endometriosis and menopause, Weight and Health for help with both weight gain and weight loss.

Personalised approach

We provide a personalised service to best suit your needs. We do individual and couple consultations in-person, by phone, or online via Skype or Zoom. We identify your nutritional needs and personal goals and then tailor a practical and realistic plan to your lifestyle.

Science + experience base

At Dietary Specialists, we are all New Zealand Registered dietitians. Our training enables us to translate the latest scientific knowledge into practical and realistic diet advice. The combination of our experience in catering, clinical research, and development of teaching aids along with our extensive knowledge of nutrition and health provides us the skills to best meet your individual needs.

What people say

“After picking up an intestinal parasite a year ago, I battled with a variety of gut symptoms which were not pleasant… By working with Dietary Specialists over the past three months, they helped to restore my vitality and I have never felt better thanks to their advice and specialised dietary plan.”  Bridget.G. Queenstown

“I was recommended to Dietary Specialists by my GP after having emergency surgery for my small intestine…They had a great understanding of my specific needs. Activating their plan in the early months was a huge part of allowing me to return to work within 4 weeks of surgery and making a strong recovery close to full health within 6 months.”  Darren S, Christchurch