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Weight Concerns

We provide a personalised approach and teach you the knowledge and skills to establish positive eating and lifestyle habits for sustainable weight loss.

Weight concerns

Typically any ‘diet’ approach  to lose weight may work in the short term, but if it’s not sustainable then you won’t stick to it.  Our dietitians use different strategies and focus on non-diet ways to help you achieve your health and weight related goals for life.  We tailor a realistic and practical approach for you and formulate a pattern of eating that fits into your lifestyle and helps you get the most satisfaction, enjoyment and energy from your food without feeling restricted or deprived.  We teach you behavioural strategies to help create new habits within a busy lifestyle and educate and support you to establish a healthy relationship with food. 



Other health concerns

Our dietitians can advise you on dietary strategies to help lower blood cholesterol levels, reduce blood pressure levels, improve fatty liver disease and prediabetes.

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