Consultation pricing

How to pay and costs

You are more than welcome to pay via bank transfer.

Clinic Fees:
Initial consultation (60 minutes) $165
Follow-up consultation (30 minutes) $95
Package 1: Initial and Follow-up consultation (90 minutes) $240*
Package 2: 4 x Follow-up consultation (30 minutes each) $340*  Please note this is a package to use after you have had an initial one-hour consultation or after using Package 1.

Any pre-paid appointments must be used within 6 months of the invoice date. Any unused prepaid consultations will expire after 6 months of the invoice date.

What to expect

Your first consultation with us is usually for one hour. We can see you in-person in our clinic or speak by phone, or online via Zoom or Skype. In that time, we discuss your health concerns, what you want from the consultation, dietary approaches you have tried before, food and drink you currently consume and avoid, and your lifestyle.

We then create a dietary plan with practical meal suggestions, a shopping guide for reading food labels, tips for eating out and useful recipe books, websites and support groups.

We then meet again to review your progress and this is usually for 30 minutes.  Many people meet with us 3 to 6 times but there is no set number of consultations.  It is about what you want from us.

What to bring with you

When you book with us, you will be emailed your food, activity, and symptom diary. You can complete this either by hand or typed on the computer and bring it with you.

If you like, do bring a family member or friend. As we say, “two sets of ears are often better than one”, and especially if the other person does most of the cooking at home.

You can bring any food labels you want help reading, a list of supplements or the bottles themselves, and a list of medications that you currently take.

If you have recent blood results or a letter from your doctor, do bring these along.

Cancellation Policy

We realise that your schedule can change and you may need to change your appointment time. We appreciate it if you can give us at least 48 hours’ notice if you need to reschedule your consultation.

Cancellation within 24 hours of your appointment will incur a full consultation fee.

If the consultation is pre-paid, this will be regarded as a used appointment.

Where to find us

Our clinic is at Level 2, 40 Stewart St, Christchurch 8011. We see all people, including children, for all health issues.  We also work closely with Digestive Health Services who provide hydrogen and methane breath testing for fructose and lactose malabsorption and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO).

You are welcome to book online via this link, or phone us on 021 140 5137 to book a consult at 40 Stewart St, Central City, Christchurch.